Friday, July 13, 2012

Coast to Coast

At 5:18am today, on my drive from my home to Denver International Airport, I saw either a shooting star/a meteorite/space junk! It zoomed by me, lit on fire, and went out as it plummeted to the ground. And it wasn't very far from the ground to begin with! It was so awesome.

My first flight was from Denver to Bellingham, WA - my first time there! We didn't stay very long, though. But I would like to go back and stay for awhile. Then we headed back to Denver, and then on to LaGuardia in NYC. I am very excited that I will be able to visit with my daughter, her hubby and my granddogger tomorrow!

I have to pass on a random act of kindness that I witnessed today...there was a man who came on board who claimed he had a "medical problem" and couldn't sit all the way in the back of the plane. So the gate attempted to give him a seat at the front of the plane for a cost of $25, but he refused to pay it. So back to the plane he went! BUT, when he boarded the plane, he plopped his butt down in seat 2E, a premium seat. When the REAL owner of 2E came aboard, the guy told me about his medical issue, and said how he would not move to the back. I ended up moving him to 1E, and told him that he had to pay the additional fee because everyone else in that section had already paid it. So he pulled out a bunch of credit cards...two were expired, and the others couldn't be read because the strip on the back was so scratched. It just wasn't looking good. So I told him that after the captain turned off the seat belt sign I'd have to move him to a seat further back. He wasn't happy, but I had already heard from the gate agent about her dealing with him.

So what's the random act of kindness? The passenger in 1C gave me HIS credit card to charge the $25 - he said he didn't want the poor guy to suffer any more embarrassment. After the transaction was complete, I told 1E what had taken place and told him that he could pay cash to 1C. The guy in 1E rolled his eyes and scrunched up his face and said, "but I don't WANT to pay the money!" Then 1C told him that was fine, there was no need to reimburse him. I don't know if 1E ever thanked the guy. But it was nice to see that there are generous people around...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Been Too Long...

I have no explanation as to why I haven't been posting. Sorry. All I can offer is that maybe Facebook has been taking all my time. After all, I need to know where my friends are and what they are doing!

* A captain on a recent flight boarded the plane at the same time as the preboarded passengers. He comes running out of the flight deck, looked around the galley, and then ran back into the flight deck. All the while he was yelling, "Where are my sunglasses? Where are my sunglasses?" I asked, "Are you looking for the ones that are on your neck backwards? Yup. He sure was. The passengers in the front of the It is aircraft heard and saw it all. There was a LOT of laughing, but then there were a lot of concerned passengers that maybe our pilot was, "out to lunch." I had to assure them that the captain was doing fine.

* It is not fun working a trip when the flight attendants don't work on the same team. This is the easiest job in the world, but I'm currently working with someone who is relatively new, but doesn't quite "get" what the job entails. We had to work together at the front of the plane today (a 320), and when she was swiping TVs, I approached her and asked her to take the bags of goldfish and animal crackers and hand them out to the passengers on her way back to the front of the plane. Normally, I would do it, but I did not have a list of all those passengers. Well, this flight attendant "freaked out" and responded that she just couldn't handle it all. So the aft flight attendant handed out the food to the aft of the airplane, while I took over the responsibility for the front. When I got back to the galley, she was tearing up and wiping her eyes. I could not believe it. Next, we started our beverage service, and decided to serve two rows at a time. I had rows 1 and 2, and she had rows 3 & 4. And guess what she did...she skipped row 3. Really? And when we were doing the 2nd beverage service, she stopped for a couple minutes...and I asked her where she'd stopped - she had no idea! When we were cleaning the plane before it went back to DCA, this flight attendant cleaned one-half the plane and then went up front and put her bags together. Since when did getting your bags ready to go supercede helping to clean the aircraft? I didn't realize that we each had our own "areas" and when we're done, we stop.  P.S. We don't. 

* Seeing as how I keep falling asleep while I'm typing, I think I'll go to bed. 4:45AM is going to come really early!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy New Year (kinda late...)

A great, big, HAPPY NEW YEAR to my loyal followers (all three of you - you know who you are!). My loyalties have been focused on "Words with Friends" on Facebook, and I have spent most free moments catching up on the 15 or so games I have going at any one time. Speaking of which, even though I win a good 75% of these games, I get SO FRUSTRATED because that program locks up my computer while I'm playing! I don't know what kind of hidden thing it adds to my computer (especially at home), but one move during the game can take up to 15 minutes. I've decided that I don't have that kind of time any longer, and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Awesome!

So what have I been up to since December 12, 2011? I have no idea. I do remember having a wonderful Christmas with my family (including Jen & James & Liza, and James' mom, Deniece) - even though it was a short visit. Christmas with the family should be a minimum of a week, and maybe a maximum of two weeks. By then, we'd probably be sick of each other. But the anticipation of the holiday, and the time spent looking for that "perfect" present is a lot of fun! I was lucky enough to receive a plastic hot dog doggie toy and a mini-traveler's kit (complete with mini-plastic pretend camera and passport holder) from my new son-in-law, James. What a joker. In return, I gave him a "Kosherland" board game, a Hanukah Star for the top of his Christmas tree, and I made him hunt for his gifts. It was supposed to be payback for his hot-dog-related gifts, but it backfired. He actually enjoyed hunting for his gifts! It was a fun holiday.

At the beginning of the New Year we celebrated Greg's parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary at a family dinner at the Army/Navy Country Club. It was a wonderful family celebration, which included a few special friends who are just like family. It was the first time that the Moore side of the family were all together in forever! We got everyone to pose for a family picture! It was great!

And now back to the reason that I started this blog - being a flight attendant! During December, I "dropped down" to Reserve status so that I could have a week off at Christmas, and I realized that I am allergic to reserve. My allergy doctor's office was able to get "Intermittent FMLA" status for my continuous sinus infection, while we try to figure out WHY I keep getting sick. I'm thinking that at some point during my past 4 1/2 year career as a flight attendant, I got a deep-seated infection in my sinuses, and soon I might have to get a Roto-Rooter procedure to clean it all out and then figure out WHY it keeps happening. So...I may find out that my mid-life crisis career is not helping my health, and at that time I am going to have to make some difficult decisions.

In the meantime, I am traveling all over the place! Trying hard to get those warmer-weather layovers when a senior mama or senior papa drops a nice trip onto the Trade Board, which, if the timing is right, I'll pick up and enjoy. During January, I had a fun trip to Chicago-Midway, where a fellow flight attendant Lori and I got on the L and went downtown where we met my good buddy and longtime friend, Joannie, and walked around Millenium Park, Michigan Avenue and Water Tower Place. And...before I forget, we had lunch at GINO'S EAST PIZZARIA. Yummy, yum, yum. It was so much fun to hang out with Joannie and to introduce Lori to one of my favorite cities in the world!

Then a few weeks later, I got to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening with another very good, long-time friend, Cheryl, in her neck-of-the-woods, Orange County, CA. We compared wedding pictures - her son got married in Michigan the day before my daughter got married in Colorado! Lots and lots things to share, including dreams of the future.

Two good friends in two weeks - what could be better? Well...a great crew helps! I have really lucked out lately. I've been able to communicate with and work well with my co-workers. We're all on the same page on the way of doing things (i.e. we all do it the way that the company wants us to do it), and we can find fun things to discuss.

And that brings me to the passengers. I've really come into my own dealing with the passengers. I'm able to be friendly, funny, and attend to their needs. I pick up on their moods better now, and am better able to solve their issues. And the best thing of all, I'm still having fun! I can't imagine doing anything else with my life right now.

When I went to Chicago a couple weeks ago, I went downtown and took some pictures of my adventures.

An Important Sign
The Bean in Millenium Park - Joannie and Me
Marilyn Monroe
Me and Joannie at Gino's East Pizzaria
Originally, on the way back from my downtown adventure, I was SUPPOSED to take a plane full of passengers to Denver and then on to Las Vegas. But it had started snowing...crew scheduling called while Lori and I were on the L back to the hotel - they told me that our afternoon flight was cancelled, and that we'd be going to Huatulco, Mexico for a turn the next day. Say what? What had been a nice, relaxing trip, followed by a nice steak dinner for $7.77 became a plane full of rowdy vacationers on an Apple Vacation Charter! Oh boy!
We started out at Midway Airport the next morning, flew the empty plane to O'Hare, loaded them up and headed to Huatulco (pronouced waaa-tulle-co). I didn't get to see much, but the passengers were sure excited to get there. The passengers we picked up weren't as excited, but they were very willing to share with me how much they loved Huatulco. One couple had just finished their 10th visit. Wow. I think I'm missing something.

Currently, I just finished two Apple Vacation charter trips - one to Liberia, Costa Rica from St. Louis, and one to Punta Cana, Domincan Republic from Chicago O'Hare. They're fun charters and relatively easy to do. The bad thing about this weekend's charters is that there were two in a row. And the first one was delayed due to a delayed incoming flight. That just set the ball rolling. Then we had a weight/balance issues in Costa Rica, and it increased the delay. By the time we got to St. Louis, and then on to Chicago - our 9 hour layover got reduced to 8 hours. OUCH. So our flight to Punta Cana was delayed in the morning due to rest issues - but the gate agents didn't say a word to the passengers! So we get to the gate after a lousy short 8 hours, and they're making snide comments about how it was nice we FINALLY showed up. Not nice.

Once on the plane, I explained the FAA rules that were being followed by allowing us the guaranteed 8 hours of time-off we were due, and then their attitudes changed! Communication. Works every time. Even though we left Chicago about 1 1/2 hours late, we arrived in Punta Cana only 1/2 hour late - strong tailwinds! But once down there, we waited and waited for the passengers, and we're not sure why they didn't bring them on. In the meantime, we see a very interesting plane arrive - I would love to find out whose jet it is. Any ideas?
Mystery Plane
When the passengers arrived, they were a bit perturbed that we were late, and again I explained. This time they weren't as understanding....because, of course, we were standing in the way of them getting home. And to add insult to injury, those lovely tailwinds on the way down, were horrible headwinds on the way home. We were supposed to arrive at 4:45PM and we didn't get in until 6:15PM or so. Whew. The day before was a 14 1/2 hour duty day, and this one was 12 1/2 hours. I was exhausted. I had arranged for a rental car and was all set to head down to my cousin's home for a birthday dinner for him - but I was SO EXHAUSTED that I really didn't feel that I could drive SAFELY to their home that evening. I was so disappointed. After updating my Facebook, I sorta kinda fell asleep and didn't see daylight until 7:30AM. Got up for a few minutes, and then did not see daylight again until 11:00AM or so. I think I was tired.

Today will be easy. We ferry an empty plane from O'Hare to Midway, and then work the flight from Midway to Denver, and we'll be DONE. I'll be off for 6 entire days - I wish I could say that I'll be relaxing and enjoying my days off, but I have tons of accounting and taxes to take care of for Greg's business and our personal stuff. more procrastinating!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Back!

My last post was on 11/28/11 - where the heck has the time gone?

I had a quick three day trip at the end of November running into the beginning of December - but I was a bump on a log and was a slam-clicker. Believe it or not, I skipped going to the casinos in Vegas, and the next night in Chicago I chose to stay in the hotel instead of partying with my crew downstairs - if I didn't have such early show times, I would have come out and played...especially in Chicago, where I have a TON of family.

Technically, when I left Vegas and headed to Chicago, I was on reserve status again. Yuck. And I had the next two days on reserve - the first day I was supposed to do an overnight to Kansas City, but let's just say, that for the first time in four years I slept through my alarm and actually missed my show time! Never before had that happened. I called Crew Scheduling to let them know that I "blew it," and asked if they still wanted me at DIA. They took a couch-sitter and put that person on my trip, and then I got to sit the couch from 6AM until Noon.

And then, of course, they sent me on a turn on Sunday - one that had a very early morning show time. That made four days in a row of early show times - one as early as 2:15AM Denver time! And guess what happened?!?!? Yes, I got sick with another sinus infection! That's the way it's always been in my life...if I stay up all night or don't get enough sleep, my body is unhappy, and a sinus infection takes over. Bummer.

Fortunately, I got an appointment the next day with my allergy doctor's nurse practitioner, and she gave me some antibiotics and I was told I'd be ok to go back on duty two days later. WRONG. I had so much gunk running down my throat, lots of pressure in my head, and there was no way that I could go back onto an airplane and be cordial and welcoming! I'll go back to work on Thursday, 12/15, and in the meantime, I've come to realize that I AM ALLERGIC TO RESERVE duty! I've got a five day stretch to go before Christmas and then five days afterwards, and then reserve will be over for another year! Halleluiah!

So, what do you think about Alec Baldwin? What an ass. We don't have first class, so I doubt he'd ever lower himself and fly on one of our airplanes. No great loss, huh?'s true that only one cell phone won't make a difference with the communication service. But what if all 162 or 138 people had a phone, laptop or Kindle turned on and searching for internet signals? I believe that would interfere with the plane's communication systems. Pilots have reported interference with their equipment - these electornic devices may be the cause. But obviously, Alec is too important to listen to and follow the FAA requirements.  And calling the flight attendant a former 1950's gym teacher?!?!? I wish she could have retorted back to him that he's a fat bum who doesn't deserve a beautiful daughter (he called her a pig several months ago).

It's time to enjoy the last couple days off...before having to jump back into the reserve pool!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Tired

I had to wake up at 2:20AM (Denver time) in Dayton, OH to get ready for my 5:20AM shuttle to the airport. I made a BIG MISTAKE and fell asleep while watching TV when I got into my hotel room yesterday. When it was time for bed, it was VERY HARD to go to sleep - I'm paying for it now.

This morning's flight was easy as pie. Everyone was in a great mood, we left DAY early, and we arrived in DEN even earlier! But I wanted to pass on some comments I heard from other crewmembers on the crew bus to the parking lot this morning.

- A passenger asked the flight attendant for a diaper for her baby. When the flight attendant said she didn't have any, the passenger asked if she could ask all the other passengers if they had one. How/why does one travel without being properly prepared for their baby, their own personal hygiene needs, etc. Really?

- On a flight from Branson, MO to Salt Lake City, UT approximately 99% of the plane were passengers who were at least 100 years old. The flight attendant removed the big fluffy coat from the overhead bin, and asked whose it was. A little old man said it was his, and said, "I'm entitled to my overhead space." The flight attendant tried to explain the the passenger about putting the larger roller bags in first, and then followed by putting the coats in the overhead. The passenger looked at the flight attendant, pointed his bony, crooked finger at her, and said, "SCREW you!" His wife hit him and told him to shut up, while the other old ladies expressed dismay from having heard such insulting language! Whatever happened to treating women with respect? The same flight attendant said that when she later asked him what he'd like to drink, he pointed that long bony, crooked finger at her, and said, "I don't want ANYTHING from you!" Really?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Difference a Day Makes

On the second busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving holiday, my flights were on time (if not early), and everyone seems to have been in a great mood! Halleluiah!

On the way from Seattle to Denver, we had the Akron University Girls' Basketball team, who had just won their game. And then from Denver to Dayton, we had Miami University's Hockey team, who had just won a tournament. Lots of happy, but tired athletes today.

The nastiness of the infamous three passengers last night is all but forgotten. Today, passengers approached me off the airplane while I was walking from one gate to another, or waiting for the hotel van, and told me that I was so funny or that they loved the chocolate chip cookies that I served! It makes me happy.

I flew with another brand new flight attendant this morning from Seattle to Denver - she, too, agrees that this is the easiest job in the world. She has such a good attitude, she's easy-going and happy - I told her that she is an awesome addition to our company. We need to get rid of the tired and worn out flight attendants and bring in more like the lady I flew with this morning. It's so refreshing!

And here I am in Dayton, OH for the night. I had hoped to go out walking once I got here, but it's rainy! I forgot that it rains for hours and hours here (well, anywhere in the east). I'm so used to storms that blow in, rain hard, and then blows right back out! So instead of taking a long walk, I decided to turn on the boob tube and I promptly fell asleep! Now it's past 9PM and I have to be up at 4:25AM. Argggh! But I have one leg home tomorrow...and I'll probably promptly fall asleep on the couch when I get home!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Long Day

I am on the 4th day of 6 days of flying, and until today, it had been wonderful! I actually got to go out to dinner with my baby girl and her hubby on her 23rd birthday! We went to one of the most wonderful steak houses that I'd ever been to...The Old Homestead. I had an 18 oz. filet mignon, and OMG. It was incredible! But, as always, it's so tough to leave my daughter in NYC. You'd think that I would be used to it by this time.

Our flight from LaGuardia to Denver was fairly uneventful. Most everyone slept, which made my job even easier! While we were inflight, the boys needed to come out of the flight deck for a potty break. And guess what? They couldn't get out of the flight deck! The door was "stuck." They tried and tried, and we finally called them to ask what the heck they were doing! That's when they told me to push against the door. I did so, and almost lost my footing as the door swung open. Well, once we were on the ground, that broken door caused our flight to be delayed!

The bad news is that the part we needed was in Arizona. Then there was talk of downsizing us to an A319, but then we'd have to kick 19 people off the flight and how would we choose? So they decided to wait for another plane to come in and we would take that new plane - we left 3 hours late. People started boarding the flight with an "attitude," and I told them not to be mad at us! It was a mechanical, clean and simple. Things happen.

I thought the flight went really well - there were some very nice people on board who took the time to tell me how great we all were, that I had a great sense of humor and that my sound effects during my safety demo are great! As his reward, I gave the gentleman a dozen chocolate chip cookies! But towards the end of the flight, I came across a row of people who were VERY UNHAPPY. There was a couple with a baby and a guy sitting next to them. The baby cried most of the flight, so the parents were frustrated and the guy was irritated beyond belief. They all told me that they hated my airline and would NEVER come back. I expressed my sorrow to them. The guy felt that it was horrible that we did not have the part in Denver that was needed to fix the plane. Well...that's what happens when your company gets bought out by another. Things change. The couple was pissed because their kid had been inconvenienced for 6 HOURS. There weren't enough ticket agents, so it took forever to get their bags checked, and get through security. And their poor child was exhausted. And he screamed. And screamed. And then he screamed again. But it was all OUR FAULT. Haven't these people ever heard of Benedryl?

Anyway - as I left those angry passengers and walked back to the forward galley, lots and lots of passengers told me how great of a job we did, especially considering the circumstances. That was JUST what I needed to hear! We continued to hear more of the same during the deplaning. EXCEPT for the mom of the screaming baby. All she wanted was my name. Lovely. Just lovely. I seriously doubt that she'll be writing me a complimentary letter.

So, to blow off steam, I walked to our hotel - I walked at my own pace and just enjoyed the cool, crisp evening. I plan on writing my report about the "incident" just in case she follows through and complains about me. I can hardly wait.

When I got to my room, the last thing I wanted was to be around more people - so I ordered ROOM SERVICE! I don't normally use it, but I really did not want to be around people anymore. So I've now finished my clam chowder, creme brulee and Coors Lite! Yummy yummy yummy! But soon it will be time to go off to bed - we have a van scheduled at 5AM. Tomorrow, we'll fly back to Denver and then continue on to Dayton, OH - the place where I was scheduled to spend 49 hours over Thanksgiving! Thank God I got out of that and was able to spend an amazing day with family.

So now I'm taking my last sips of beer and it'll soon be time to go to sleep!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pay it Forward...

I was pleasantly surprised to find this handmade card in my mailbox today - it's from the girl whose plastic box went missing. I sent the box and its contents to her - and she was sweet enough to send me this card!

Front of Card

Inside of Card those co-workers who told me that I'd never find her missing plastic box, I say, "You won't be successful if you don't try."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Thoughts...

I was lucky enough to have a bunch of days off in a row - I had originally planned to go with Greg to a jet rally in Mesa, AZ but he decided not to go because of a "plane crash" issue - and I decided to go visit a good friend in California. This good friend is suffering from cancer. The big C. It's nasty. I came in on Friday morning, and she had had a chemo session on Thursday. She had gotten a "new cocktail" and it was hitting her hard. My job was to get her to sit down and do nothing. Fat chance.

This woman has a very busy life, and she's not going to let cancer (her third battle with it) get the best of her. She has multiple businesses that she owns and she essentially has two full-time jobs in addition to her own businesses. On Friday, she was bouncing here and there, doing work in her home office, answering calls, running to the toilet, then answering more calls. She finally settled on the couch.

Cancer is nasty. The treatment is nastier. Her whole body was aching. Her newly shaven head was throbbing. I made a pasta dinner and a salad - she enjoyed them, but then lost both a little while later. On Saturday, she was still aching. I kept her on the sofa most of the day and forced her to relax. We watched movies - "The Little Black Book," "Sister Act," "Eat, Pray, Love" - and tons and tons of detective/crime shows. So many little time. I am convinced that she's studying up to be a serial killer, and I'm sure she will NEVER get caught.

Today she was feeling a bit better, so we ventured out to a flea market where she sells stuff, and stayed for a little while - it was chilly and starting to rain, and she does not want to get sick. Her immune system is nonexistent right now. Then we spent the rest of the day at the house. She's feeling a lot better today, but dreads her next chemo session tomorrow.

She is very fortunate to have a "surrogate daughter" who practically lives with her - the daughter's mom died a couple years ago from breast cancer, so she knows exactly what to do and loves keeping my friend company. My friend also has a son nearby, but he's tied up so often keeping the businesses running, attending to his own wife/child, and like me, he probably doesn't know what the heck to do. Her other son lives on the east coast, just started a new job, is newly married and is unable to come out on a regular basis. I'm sure it is very tough on him.

What do you do for someone who is so sick? My whole purpose of going was just to keep her company and hang out. I brought magazines, my laptop, and just kind of hung out. I've become a demon on "Words with Friends" on FaceBook. I did tell my friend that I have no clue what to do for her. And she never really did tell me any specifics. I was just THERE.

I'll be leaving in the morning - time to get back to my bills, etc. and get ready for my next trip that leaves on Wednesday. I will be flying Southwest again - last time I checked there were lots of seats available so I should be able to get home just fine.

I've been doing a lot of praying, and requesting other friends to pray for my friend's recovery, too. Why is there cancer in the world? I tried to keep my friend positive and happy, which was a lot easier to do today than it was the first two days of my visit when she was feeling so sick. And these treatments - chemo. Makes one sick to their stomach. And then radiation, what will most likely burn and blister her skin. Really? I guess those treatments are still more beneficial than the alternative...

On to a better topic - I got the reserve schedule for December that I expected. Woo hoo! There were seven of us who dropped down from being lineholders, and for the month of December will be at the mercy of crew scheduling. Oh boy. I did not get all the days off that I requested - I'm in the process of trying to trade days. I get only 11 days off a month while on reserve (this month I have 15 days off), so I need to use them wisely. I did get 12/20 through 12/26 off. That's when Jen and her dog Liza come home, followed by her husband James and his mom Deniece who arrive on 12/23. I'm excited that Jen has chosen to have a tradition of a "Colorado Christmas." And I will be able to fully participate and prepare for it! That makes me very happy.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back Home Again...

I made it through the 4-day trip unscathed (almost). Sometimes it's difficult to bond with a crew - there are so many personalities. Especially when the crew likes to stay up until 3 or 4am while hanging out at the bar! On this trip, I was SO EXHAUSTED the first night - I'm not sure why - so I didn't join the crew downstairs. On the second night, I wanted to get a good night's sleep so that I could be "fresh" to meet up with my good friend, Sheila. But I heard that the B flight attendant went out to a bar, and it was a very uncomfortable situation. What USED to be a crew hangout was now a gangsta' rap bar - he was the only white, and no one would talk to him, call a cab for him, or call the hotel van. I am very glad that I did not venture out with him! Our last night was too short of a layover to do anything - thank goodness.

But it's interesting to watch the dynamics of the team. Let's just say that I did not feel accepted by the Captain - was it because I didn't come down and party until 3am? If it was, then that's just too bad! I don't like hangovers and I could barely stay awake on the plane! I got along fine with the First Officer and the A flight attendant, too. But the B flight attendant was puzzling to me. He was a "glass is bone dry" kind of guy. Someone would make a comment about our company's recent 3Q webcast, and he would just turn the hope and promise upside down and make it into something negative. Those kind of people just drain me. But this time I actually confronted him! It turns out that he has "short-timer's syndrome" - he'll be quitting in June.

On another of my flights, I got high praises from three passengers! Two ladies sitting by a window saw what they thought to be their bags sitting on a belt loader on the ramp. They called me over, I relayed the information on to the gate agent, and supposedly the Captain went downstairs to check things out - but he didn't actually go over to the bags. That would have rested these ladies' fears. But no, he just spoke with a ramper - at no time did they see anyone take a second look at the bags. Really? How much time would that have taken? Instead, I had to calm their fears and tell them that we needed to "trust the system" and "I'm sure everything will be alright." During the flight, I gave them each a customer service card with my name and employee number. I told them that if the bags were not at the baggage carousel to be sure and give customer service my information - I'd explain what I tried to do in Denver. As they, and the woman sitting behind them, got off the plane I was thanked profusely for my attempt to calm their fears. I haven't heard anything, so I am hoping that the system worked and they were reunited with their bags!

I sometimes wonder why other flight attendants don't get these kinds of requests - or is it that they get them and they ignore them. I guess I'm pegged as someone who cares. That could be a good thing, but I realize that it could be a very disruptive thing, too. It makes me feel good to be able to figure things out, to let them know that the airline has the best intentions.

I did get to experience one of the great benefits of this job - I got to visit with a very dear friend of mine on my Atlanta layover. We have been friends since we were 9 years old in the 4th grade - that's about 46 years ago! And the last time I spent any time visiting with her was 16 years ago! Every once in awhile we'd chat via email or talk on the phone, but when we got together we just picked up where we left off! She is a true forever friend.

For December's bid, I actually voluntarily dropped back down to Reserve. Yes...I did it voluntarily. There is no way that I would be able to get Christmas off while holding a line, so I made the hard decision to be abused by Crew Scheduling for a month. Jen, James, Liza and James' Mom, Deniece, will all be coming out to Colorado for Christmas, and I wanted to be here. The line assignments came out yesterday, and sure enough, I got reserve. There were eight of us lineholders who dropped down, and I am #6 from the top. That means that I should have Christmas off, as well as the days surrounding it. I'll look at it this way - I'll have lots of time to read while sitting on that sexy black leather couch! Hopefully, I'll miss all the craziness of the month by being off on the days it'll occur. I feel strongly that this was the right move for me - I want to be with my family.